Microsoft’s Windows 1.11 is an Upside Down mess

Microsoft today announced that it was the year 1985. We checked the Microsoft store to confirm this and, as Windows 1.11 was just made available, the Redmond company’s story checks out.

Here’s the message, as we received it:

Microsoft's Windows 1.11 is an Upside Down mess 1
Credit: Microsoft
Official Microsoft Press? Or a message from The Upside Down?

Microsoft and Netflix have partnered up to celebrate the release of Stranger Things third season. As we predicted (natch), the tech giant’s cryptic social media posts last week about the launch of Windows were indeed part of a Stranger Things tie-in.

First off, rest easy friends: this is a spoiler-free zone. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, we won’t ruin anything for you. But, the Windows 1.11 app and Stranger Things 3 game probably will, so download and play with care.

The Windows 1.11 entertainment app (read: not really an operating system) is part of the Stranger Things tie-in, thus it’s replete with Easter eggs, callbacks, and show references. Really, it’s just a rabbit-hole of Stranger Things fan-fodder wrapped in a glitchy, nostalgic Windows package. And I absolutely love it.

Every click results in a visual feast that can only be described as watching the Upside Down infiltrate your computer. In order to experience everything Windows 1.11 (Eleven, get it?) has to offer, you must solve puzzles by clicking on links within the software that appear to be glitchy. Each link brings you to a new ST video or other goody, and unlocks a few more. The whole app oozes with creepy fun; even Microsoft Paint is under a dark influence.

The Windows 1.11 app and new Stranger Things-based Windows 10 themes are both available free on the Microsoft Store. But the Stranger Things tie-ins don’t end there.

Microsoft’s also peddling a Stranger…

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