Nvidia’s New SUPER Cards!

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  1. so ripped off by nvidia

  2. All those dislikes are haters , THEY MUST DIE!!!!!!!!

  3. More of Anthony for future videos pleaseeee….

  4. hey , LINUS ur best host

  5. I love Anthony as presentator

  6. More Anthony vids please! Always enjoyable and informative. Great work. Nice to see nvidia finally price something reasonably.

  7. W

    i just bought a 2070 a bit over a month ago and now they yell 2080´s for the price of an 2070 and call it 2070 Super?
    Seems like reselling older products as new ones

  8. 6:58 is this a staring contest?

  9. Nvidia’s New SUPER DUPER Cards!

  10. RTX, Buyer's Remorse edition

  11. More money for LTT

  12. Anthony: Nvidia! Why did you make these super GPUs?
    Nvidia: AMD *cough* *cough* Radeon *cough* *cough*

  13. Am I missing something or did they just leave out the 2080 Super for no reason?

  14. He has the ultimate 'Voice over' voice, he could talk about folding paper and I want to listen 👍

  15. Super pile of bullshit.

  16. How does it compare to a 2080ti tho ???

  17. Petition for Anthony Tech Tips!

  18. Imagine an image of a man escaping through the roof of an office

    This man is nvidia who gets suggested to name their cards with TI

  19. Anthony, you da real mvp

  20. Anthony is AWESOME!!!

  21. linus, with this guy , you can take that break…….

  22. Eyy it's Anthony

  23. What is his name?

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