Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did..

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Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. 1
Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. 2
Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. 3
Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. 4
Would you pay $100 for a Chinese Salvage Motherboard?? I did.. 5

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  1. Tbh those motherboards are a great option for reducing the pollution and the e-waste, they should market the product that way, is no fun just throwing loads of electronics to the trash when they can be repurposed

  2. In russia there are many people who have a cult around this salvaged motherboards. You see, they get this around 60$ USD on AliExpress, then get E5-1650 and ECC salvaged DDR3 memory which is very cheap at the moment (16gb for like 10$). Then overclock the hell out of 1650 and beat ryzen in gaming while maintating very low price.

    Notice me sempai, make a video about 1650 on this board with ecc memory

  3. Does Linus really think she understands what his question is? Like he asks if intel still makes that, and she just says: yes intel. And then Linus goes: according to the sales rep intel still makes this? Ehm.. ok

  4. Why do all you basement dwellers want all this rainbow puke bullshit. Its not like you have any friends (or gf/bf) to show the stuff off to, and even if you did you are a choad if you think showing off computer lighting is making you cool.

  5. Theres a few asus x79 boards that have modded bios that allow you to use nvme on x79 been doing that for over a year on my x79 asus rampage 4 extreme. Hopefully some other folks can get some use out of that.

  6. I still use X79 for my Linux computer, with a 10 core Xeon I picked up for $150, and a spare GTX1070 I had laying around. For a system nearly 8 years old, its not much slower multi-threaded than something you'd pay Intel over $1000 for today. It's plenty fast enough, and runs anything in my Steam library (that runs on Linux).

  7. MAKE a website
    SELL some pre-builts
    MAKE more money
    MAKE your viewers happy that they don't have to build their first PC off tutorials
    ALSO make your very dumb and scared viewers (like me) that haven't built a PC before, HAPPY

  8. I don't know why they wouldn't be upfront about that…
    It's a Chinese company targeting the low-end market.
    They wouldn't mind selling baby formula that actually kills babies as long as they can make a buck out of it.
    (Not targeting this specific company but you know what I mean)
    And before everyone jumps on me for saying that.
    Those kind of things are unfortunately true.
    Yes China can definitely produce some high-end stuff, but the pure opposite is also quite a thing.

  9. The actual point of these boards is that, they support LGA2011 Xeons and registered ECC memory, so you can get cheap Xeons and server RAM from ebay.

  10. LOL I worked in China for over a decade and 1:10 made me laugh
    "X79 chipsets"
    "Yeah chipset and CPU"… and the entire confusing exchange!
    Ahh that brought back memories! Or nightmares at the time!

    I was setting up a manufacturing pilot factory in Shanghai in 1993 and designed and built some equipment which was being installed.

    I had a Chinese interpreter, Lawrence who was a English major, but knew nothing about mechanical things, a screwdriver confused him. Anyway he came to my office and told me Mr Lui said the color is green in reference to this piece of equipment I designed and built. I said to him I know the color is green because I built it. He insisted I see Mr Lui so I went down to the factory and Mr Lui said something to Lawrence in Chinese, which was translated to me as "The color is green!". I looked and said to Lawrence to tell Mr Lui "Yes, the color is green" and after Lawrence translated that Mr. Lui seemed confused and spoke again to which Lawrence replied to me "Yes, Yes, the color is still green!!". At that point I told Lawrence to wait while I go back to my office, have a cup of coffee and try to figure this out.

    After a few minutes I had an ephiney, and ran back down to the Lawrence and Mr Lui with a piece of paper and a pencil. I then drew a traffic light with the three lamps, I pointed at the lower one green and made a sweeping motion with my hand. Mr Lui started saying "Duì, Duì!!!" which is Chinese for "Right / Correct". What Mr Lui was telling Lawrence was the machine was ready to go, green light!! I then hit Lawrence on the head with the paper!

    Many many more stories like that from my years in China! I can laugh about them now, but at the time…not so funny!

  11. im actually running one similiar build 😉
    110$ Board from AliE (though a green version).
    Supposed to be a x79, but as i checked in aida, its a moded z77 in my case.

    Modded? Yes
    Modded to support 2011 socket CPU's
    Modded to support quad channel (yup, supports it, and i even have ddr3l 1600mhz samsung chips OC'd to 1866 via bios)
    MOdded to support NVME (although i used one, it wasnt long, after about 2-3 months it started dying. I dont know if its because of the shitty SX6000 Pro from adata, or shitty mobo)
    and a few more 😉

    Running it for 1.5 years with a e5 2680 v2 (10c20t 3.1ghz all core/3.6ghz 6 core) xeon
    32gb quad channel Samsung as higher
    GTX 1050
    2 ssd's (3 before the nvme drive died), 2 hdd's
    600w power supply
    and a pcie-e wifi card 😉

    Thing is more stable than basically any of my lenovo laptops ive ever had, any bluescreens were because fo either the shitty drive this year, or some program writing errors (happened maybe 2 times).

    And thats a 650$ system from over a year ago. With 1400CB points

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