How to Browse the Internet Anonymously

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39 Comments on “How to Browse the Internet Anonymously”

  1. I always enjoy your content. That being said, I thing you are being naive if you think these VPN companies are what they seem to be. The real entities behind these VPN's are most likely Government intelligence agencies posing as legitimate privately owned companies with the sole purpose of gathering intelligence. You may be right in that most people have nothing to fear by using these services. Who can say for sure. But to think that these companies have no other motive than to provide the service they advertise, I don't think so. Just sayin'.

  2. If you ever book any flights, taxis or hotels online, always try once with normal browser, once with incognito browser, once with VPN and once with TOR and then choose the cheapest. Makes travelling a lot more affordable 🙂 Those "This offer only lasts 10 minutes" popups are scams, and are solely dedicated to pushing up the price (ONLY FOR YOU) higher than the last price it showed you.

  3. How to post a propaganda video without getting swatted:

    Step number 1: Find a Wi-Fi network in a cafe or a restaurant (or any public place)

    Step number 2: Hack into that Wi-Fi and gain its connection
    Step number 3: Post that propaganda video using the hacked Wi-Fi connection
    Step number 4: Watch the SWAT locking down the area that you posted the video from
    Step number 5: Find a new city to live in or you'll get tracked eventually
    Step number 6: Repeat all the steps above and you'll be unstoppable

    That's how Osama Bin Ladin managed to hide from the Americans for 10 years until he failed to apply step number 5.

  4. I've started using the Brave browser with built-in ad block which boasts "the fastest internet browsing experience, while providing a deep level of security and privacy protection.". This seems like an ad. lol

  5. can I set up a man in the middle server to VPN all my traffic? One network card for inward traffic and one network card for outward traffic. I guess that would be a PC router/VPN box. I could buy Anonabox but the port speed is to slow.

  6. How about dedicated blocking of tracking scripts that are built in the pages. For example, share button on the page tells Twitter that you visited this page and you're interested in this particular content.
    There's a way to block tracking scripts and not mess up with using the website that tracks you. Like you block twitter's picky ass everywhere outside of Twitter website.

    Also I've noticed many times that websites make up bugs that "caused by your adblock, pls disable it".

  7. you forgot to mention that when you use vpn , some websites wont work , like amazon prime video for example, returns error that vpn detected, basically all apn exit nodes are blackilisted over the time when they detect more than obviouse number of users using the same ip adress to connect to their streaming service. some other websites wont even load and yes habbit will show you, but also your router firewall and the vpn setup, you need to have vpn on the router itself, and keep updating the router software manually every security patch or else you compromise whole network.

  8. Doesn't TOR use elliptic curve encryption? Watch The Imitation Game, and Computerphile's video on elliptic curve. I am convinced TOR has backdoors, but the alphabet agencies will never let you know that. Still works great for ISPs, ads and firewalls, though.

  9. Why is Tor so slow?
    Learn what Tor does. It's a onion router. Not your everyday basic google chrome but made by people who don't want to connect to the basic internet.

  10. Did you actually try the shopping cart? I would have thought it would work as long as you don't end your session (since storing it between sessions would require cookies)

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