NINJA leaves Twitch! – WAN Show Aug 2, 2019

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NINJA leaves Twitch! - WAN Show Aug 2, 2019 1
NINJA leaves Twitch! - WAN Show Aug 2, 2019 2
NINJA leaves Twitch! - WAN Show Aug 2, 2019 3
NINJA leaves Twitch! - WAN Show Aug 2, 2019 4
NINJA leaves Twitch! - WAN Show Aug 2, 2019 5

49 Comments on “NINJA leaves Twitch! – WAN Show Aug 2, 2019”

  1. 49:39 It kind of means stop, but in more of a "movement" way, so if you for instance drive to fast, the police might "anhalten" you or if you walk into an restricted and someone catches you, they usually say "halt". The kind of stop you mean would actually just be stop as well "they were told to "stoppen" that behavior" or more formally to "unterlassen".

  2. 6:40 I'm amazed it took this long for someone to leave. It's no secret that many huge names in the Twitch world have argued with Twitch for months. Some say they would leave it if nothing was changed. But none of the big names has… until now. I'm sure MS waved money around to him. But I suspect they did not have to ask much to get him there. Sure Mixer is not a huge platform. But with Ninja streaming on it. I suspect they will increase traffic in some way. If it works in the long run and more names joins is a different matter.

  3. "Hey guys lets fix the mic which is off center by making the camera off center and thus make just everything off center because fuck it" Linus I expected better.

  4. Ninja's tweet was reminiscent of the tweets and media statements you get from footballers when they move from a club like Real Madrid to one like Derby County. So fake. So media managed. So intended to make you think they haven't made a huge mistake, in case it becomes abundantly clear that they have.

  5. everyone is saying how nijar left twitch and how it the most popular twitch streamer but i have never heard of him, and by the look of things i will never be intreasted in the types of games he plays, anyway so what if he left twitch for microsoft stupid streaming service everyone is entitled to use what they want, and the only reason why he got more viewers on mixer than twitch is because every news site was posting this, i bet if it wasent in the news the viewer count would be the same

  6. as someone who listens to these recordings they are hard enough to understand most of the time already so pitchshifting it would be a problem, also btw its not just one person that listens to each message the message is checked by upwards of 10 people for best accuracy but thats litteraly the only way speech recognition got this good this fast

  7. When you pick a career that has a limited life span, like sports, acting, video gamer, you have to chase the money to secure your future, because you will have a lot of years that you aren't making money. Ninja is taking a risk, like in every small business, and it could be good, or not.

  8. CentOS has a GUI… It can be run as a workstation. Regarding out of date packages, lots of features are backported 😉 Also if you have 20+ people, you need someone to start taking care of your infrastructure on-site.

  9. ok so I went to checkout floatplane today for the first time and from the front page I could barely work out what flaotplane does and after watching this video i couldnt find a single video/stream (search is broken) including LTTs so you clearly need to rework your into page and you should put some examples or live feeds on the front page at least. If I have to sign up or pay to get an example of whats in this service then I and I am sure others will never see it

  10. How do you keep your Windows 10 calculator working? LOL….mine stopped opening two weeks ago!….Anyway, this deal with Ninja (Blevins) and Microsoft's Mixer smells a lot like the Sirius Satellite Radio and Howard Stern deal 15 or so years ago, except most people have no idea who Ninja is.

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