Thermoelectric Cooling is a Bad Idea

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  1. I know that does not have to do anything with the video, but I have been watching Scrapyard Wars for the past days and I might have an idea for season 8. I don't know if you want to continue the series but… My idea is that the teams have to be in another country, where the English is not a regional language and buy the parts from there. Thank you in forward for taking my idea for a potential theme of Scrapyard Wars season 8.

  2. You had the Peltier units upside-down. Do you trust the cheap heat-pipe cooler to work well like that???

    Even wicking heat-pipes won't like being completely the wrong way up.

  3. Many of those eBay Peltiers (assembled or just the chip) are not the power they state. I bought a 15-amp one and it was actually 3-amp and another was 8-amp.

  4. Why is this idea just now coming back? Cool-IT systems had an amazing product almost 10 (wow maybe even 15?) years back with the FreeZone and Boreas (with or without the MTEC or Silverstone case). That was when Pentium Ds were showing us how to properly heat rooms.

    I am still running my same look with 2010 with my Boreas and MTEC in the SilverStone case. The MTEC control can be a bit wonky, but that is easy to fix or bypass.

    If I remember right, what killed the idea for Cool-it was not the TEC, it was subpar pump manufacturing by a vendor. No one wants blue water goo dripping on their Video card.

  5. he Linus, i have a very old HP Pavilion. so i hope you react on this comment, and say: i will buildd you a brandd new pc. Hope you react love your vid btw 🙂

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