iPhone 11 Pro – The Cycle Ends

5 days later on the iPhone 11 Pro. IMO the best camera smartphone right now.

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29 Comments on “iPhone 11 Pro – The Cycle Ends”

  1. My mom and dad are both semi pro photographers with lots of published pictures. They are impressed worth he camera itself but I was not unimpressed with the hardware as well. I have the same exact feelings as Dave and awaiting the new pixel. Currently still using my iPhoneX and tired of apples nickel and diming tactics.

  2. I think ima hold on to my 10s Max till year 3 of the next phone and then just get a new one every three years when they release the full version of each model. It only makes sense.

  3. My Galaxy S8 is probably worth $200 now but it was $700 new. I am currently using Samsung DEX and turned it into a computer. I am viewing this video on a computer monitor and I am using a keyboard and mouse. I am watching this video in one window while I have Microsoft Outlook opened and sending work emails. There is nothing you can tell me to switch to Apple.

  4. Honestly the 11 or the 11 pro is only worth it for people who own an iPhone 6s or se or 7. If you have an iPhone newer than a 7 then you should NOT upgrade.

  5. the thing about apple they don't really try that hard to get ahead of competition. They know they have loyal customers. no amount of fuck up can sway them away from apple products! sucks.

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