A Different Kind of Pixel 4 Video

Dave2D review of the Google pixel 4 and 4 XL. With camera tests against the iPhone 11 and OnePlus 7T.

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  1. The points are great. Though… I really wouldn’t call the phone great even after altering expectations… I think that they messed up with the battery quite a bit.

  2. That’s open statements is bs. Google make phones and laptops. Smart home blah blah. This is just a set up to give the product a pass in the same categories that Apple was massively bashed for over the iPhone 11s.

  3. I do not get it. You said the Pixel 4 was a winner because it has a good camera. But for video the Pixel 4 is not good. It is only good for pictures. A few bad things also, no wide angle lens. Try the self camera in video. Gee. 128 storage ?? Really. Take away free online full resolution photos. Price is very high for what they offer.

  4. Man…that huge chin bezel. Btw, Google need to wake up and understand that great photography output alone won’t make people buy their expensive phones. Heck, even the great 90hz screen won’t save Pixel this time…

  5. Google really blew it this year.
    No ultra widescreen camera. Poor battery life. Gimmicky gesture tech. Higher price.
    Nope…not buying.

  6. Like the video but your assessment of google being a software company is wrong. They are an advertising company. I feel like a lot of people forget this. They make products for people to use so they can suck up all the data they can to sell to companies.

  7. Best cameras this year (All camera features combined)
    1-iPhone 11pro
    2-Galaxy note 10+ or Huawei Mate 30/P30 (depending on the market)
    3-Pixel 4
    Sorry but the Pixel phone ain't even #2 due to the lack of a super wide angle camera.

  8. Google made a pointless piece of tech. I work with a huge general consumer based network in the U.K. and 86% of the clients we work with couldn’t care less for Google’s radar. Now our market works with around 500k everyday normal consumers not techies not geekies etc.

  9. This Fucker will not find any fault of Google..Radar is not at all working..he is happy..!!!!! And most funniest statement to cover googles failure…this phone is not typical smartphone!!!!!!!!! NO okay..NO reverse charging !!! Okay!!!! Big ass bezel!!! Okay!!!!!

  10. Wow. Do you hear yourself? I’m not a tech head and don’t really care about which phone is the best but you’re doing PR for Google by this point with all the free passes you want to give them. They downgrade the speakers, have bad battery. They wanna showcase software but make almost no big software moves, remove original storage on pixels which was a big thing. 90Hz screen with a top tier photo camera that still lags behind on video compared to iPhones isn’t enough. This was a missed opportunity by google, maybe even a fail and how could anyone say anything else honestly?

  11. I like the fact that you offer an interesting comment on what has changed this year on the Pixel phone: they go against their common strategy, as least in advertisement, of software, and opt for hardware changes. I especially enjoy the fact that you offer some ideas on how, with some pricing and advertisement changes, the Pixel 4 could be less controversial and better welcomed. Nice job, Dave!

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