What Makes The Pixel 4 Special?

Early impressions of the new 2019 Google Pixel 4 with 90 Hz screens, radar-based motion sensors and some new camera features. Is the Pixel 4 for you?

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32 Comments on “What Makes The Pixel 4 Special?”

  1. I thought it was kinda hard to get into Google. But who is Google hiring for its design team? These are so ugly and I would rather get The iPhone 11 for the price.

  2. I would much rather have a zoom lense than wide angle. I'm a 38 year old male, I don't gaf about selfies or how many people I can fit in a photo from closer up. I want the subject of my photo to be the best it can, and in life that often means having to zoom in a bit too get it.

  3. In a couple months they will bring out a Pixel 4 XL Plus with a wide angle lens and increase battery size/screen because of the hate they will receive.

  4. You are so biased. How can you give this phone a pass?

    I have been losing respect for your opinion for a while now. If this was an iPhone, you would’ve roasted it to a crisp. I know you’re just human, but damn. Do you have to make it so obvious???

  5. Just a reminder Samsung had air gestures back then in note3 and s4 which they eventually removed. While they didn't had dedicated sensors for this and relied on front camera and proximity+ ambient light sensor but it was there. There's nothing new to get excited maybe this time it's improved but not worth our money

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