Apple Has the Best Old Phones

I think Apple’s iPhones aged better than any other phone from 4 years ago.

The Greatest iPhone –

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21 Comments on “Apple Has the Best Old Phones”

  1. i still to this day use an iphone 6s and have for about 2 years now bc it’s honestly such a powerful phone and the software has yet to disappoint me – the headphone jack is a huge plus too. i think the only problem that ive had with it is it’s lack of any sort of water resistance but thats to be expected from an almost 4 yr old phone

  2. I have an Galaxy S7,and its super good for me,i can take it at pool no problem,very good camera,and its moving very fast,i dont really have any complains

  3. Samsung phones are also build very well: My wife had 5S and I bought Note3 at the same time. Bother still works but iPhone's Home button and Power buttons are dead but Note-3 is perfectly fine, despite countless falls.
    iPhone still gets updates but Note-3 has custom ROM…so I still like Note-3 better than iPhone.

  4. I think updates on Android should be as good as iPhone but companies just never do it except OnePlus, Google and Nokia(Recently)

  5. This is what android fanboys don’t like to get into. They wanna say how much better their phones are but won’t ever get into this topic…the one that actually matters the most 😂😂 the grass isn’t always greener.

  6. 2 years os upgrade made me move from s7 to iphone. But it was beast phone at that time, way better then iphone. For multimedia and working samsung and android is beast. At least for me.
    Fun fact, using iphone detox me a bit from smartphone addiction. Ios is more boring and I use it only when I really need it

  7. IPhone aged wayyy better. Still not buying it though. Not as long as the have a proper dualSIM on offer and treating customers like garbage.

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