Apple Really Wants Slofie to Be a Thing

Apple keeps insisting for its own made-up term “slofie,” and the company has released new ads to convince people to use it.

Defining a slow-motion selfie, the term slofie was first used by Apple during the unveiling of new-generation iPhones back in September. And the ads that the company rolled out this week highlight “slofies on iPhone 11,” as they insist “you can shoot your selfies in epic-slomo on iPhone 11’s front facing camera.”

While the ads itself are nothing surprising, Apple insisting for its made-up word might actually be, pretty much because since slofie hasn’t really become a thing since the Cupertino giant first used it in September.

And yet, Apple just doesn’t want to stop here.

Slofie trademark

The company has applied for a US trademark on “slofie” back in the fall, as it wants to be the only one that has the right to use it. Funny or not, Apple really is the only one using this term, pretty much because nobody else does, not necessarily because they’re not allowed, but simply because “slofie” hasn’t become the Internet sensation that Apple hoped.

“Introducing the slofie. Everything looks cooler at 120 fps, even if you’re just saying cheese, waving hi, or tossing your hair in the breeze. And now you can add more of everything to your selfies thanks to the new 12MP TrueDepth camera. Just turn your iPhone to landscape and the camera automatically zooms out to fit more in,” Apple says on the official iPhone 11 presentation page.

Apple’s latest ads are embedded below, and if you want to take a slofie, it’s quite easy. All you need to do is launch the Camera app on the iPhone, activate the front-facing camera, and then select the slow-mo mode. The iPhone will then take care of everything for you.

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