DahMakan Review: Bad Experience, Slow Delivery, will Never Order again

DahMakan is a food delivery service that has been gaining popularity recently. The company promotes itself as “Home-cooked food, delivered fresh to your doorstep.” It also says that customers can “Order Anytime” and promises “Fast Delivery”


While I was aware of DahMakan for a while now, I generally get a good (sometimes great) experience from GrabFood and there are many restaurant/cafe to choose from. But my wife wanted us to try Dahmakan, so here’s what happened on 28 November 2019, my first time experience (and last) with Dahmakan.

Lunch with DahMakan:

  • I ordered for lunch at 11.30am for delivery between 12pm-1pm. To my surprise they accepted the order because I felt this was kind of last minute. (Order number #2463059)
  • Waited until 1pm, progress in the app stuck at “Chef Riza is preparing your food” like forever. Contacted support via Chat on the app at 1.18pm, no reply.
  • Order received at 2.07pm, more than 1 hour late. In total, it took them over 3 hours to deliver. No apology and no communication on the late delivery.
  • I ordered 1x Garlic Black Pepper Chicken, 1x Mango Jelly and 1x Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese, however I received 2x Garlic Black Pepper Chicken, 1x Mango Jelly. Note: I did not report the wrongly delivered food because I didn’t realise about their mistake until after a few hours later.
  • The gravy of the Garlic Black Pepper Chicken was also spilled, likely during delivery. Food packaging looks good but its doesn’t seem to be suitable for delivery.

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  • Customer service representative responded the chat after 1 hour (at 2.14pm) and apologised for the late delivery. She said will highlight this to the delivery team.
  • I also received an email from DahMakan with a free credit of RM10 voucher due to the late delivery.

Thinking that the late delivery could be my fault, because I may have ordered late, I decided to immediately order for dinner.

Dinner with DahMakan:

  • On the same day at 2.31pm, I ordered for 1x Salted Egg Butter Chicken, 1x Peri Peri Chicken for delivery between 7pm-8pm. I also applied the free RM10 credit given to me earlier. My card was charged for both of this food. (Order number #2465748)
  • Close to 7pm, I notice that the rider is on the way to deliver my food. However I was shocked as he was only delivering the 1x Peri Peri Chicken! So where is the other food I ordered and paid?
  • The order was delivered on time at 7.14pm. When I asked the rider about the missing 1x Salted Egg Butter Chicken, he said “Please contact Customer Service.”
  • At this point of time, I was extremely angry and disappointed because they had approximately 4 hours to prepare the food that I ordered, yet they failed to communicate with me on the missing item that I have already paid for. This is so unprofessional, and I felt cheated.
  • So I had to contact DahMakan support via Chat again. After their checking (because apparently they didn’t know they cheated me), they said they had some issue and wasn’t able to complete my order. They apologised but I don’t find it to be an innocent mistake.
  • I requested for a full refund and asked them to take back the food they delivered. I also told them that I would take legal action as they charged me for two meal but only delivered one. I wasn’t kidding about this.
  • In the end, the customer service representative said a full refund will be made although this will take a few days. They also said that I can keep the food but I said I will be throwing it away (as they weren’t sincere plus I ordered the food for two person, not one.)

That night, I proceeded to order for a new food via Grab and the delivery took around 30min.

Now at this point, you may think that I am promoting Grab, but here’s my opinion about them. Grab is a greedy company (lately charging up to RM9 for food delivery), however their food delivery service is really up to expectation and they was able to solve what FoodPanda couldn’t do for years. Grab could make a delivery within 1 hour during peak hours while its always been a horrible experience with FoodPanda for me (tried so many times over the past few years). Anyway, let’s talk about DahMakan here.

There are two positive things I could find about Dahmakan- food taste good (not great, but good) and the price is affordable.

In summary, here’s why I will never order from DahMakan again:

  • Inconsistent experience
  • Up to 3 hours or more delivery time
  • Wrong food delivered
  • Poor food packaging
  • No communication on missing food item
  • For than 1 hour slow response from customer service team

Despite Dahmakan refunded the money I paid for the second order, it doesn’t cover the poor experience (waiting time/lousy customer service) and thanks to them, my lunch and dinner was delayed on 28 November 2019. Now I have gastric, should I send them my medical bills?

I wrote this article because Dahmakan is promoting itself as a great food delivery company when it is not. The food taste good but as for the people, not so good. This is a honest review.

DahMakan Review: Bad Experience, Slow Delivery, will Never Order again 1
DahMakan Review: Bad Experience, Slow Delivery, will Never Order again 2
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