Microsoft to Launch Stable Windows Terminal in First Half of 2020

Currently available in preview, Windows Terminal is an app that evolves at a super-fast pace, and every monthly release brings further improvements and polishing that pave the way for a highly-anticipated debut of the stable version.

Looking back at how Windows Terminal improved throughout the year, the app debuted back in June with version 0.2 in the Microsoft Store, and since them, the software giant added several notable features, including accessibility support, Cascadia Code, dynamic profiles, panes, and full-screen mode.

Going forward, Microsoft says it will continue to release updates for Windows Terminal on a monthly schedule, but the goal is to make the app feature-complete in February or March. In other words, the entire feature lineup that’s supposed to be part of the stable version of Windows Terminal should be finalized in just two or three months.

Public launch in H1 2020

Microsoft says it wants to bring Windows Terminal to the market as a stable release in the first half of the year, which means it’ll use the months between the feature-complete stage and the public debut of the app for bug fixes and other tweaks for further polishing.

“The Terminal team will continue coming out with preview releases on a monthly cadence. We are planning to be feature complete around February/March. After that, we will focus on polish and performance to ensure the Terminal is ready to be a v1.0 product. Windows Terminal v1.0 is scheduled to be released within the first half of 2020,” Microsoft explains.

You can download Windows Terminal right now to give it a try, but keep in mind the app is still in preview stage, so some features may not work exactly as anticipated. The app only works on Windows 10, and if you’re running one of the supported versions of the OS, you’re good to go.

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