Windows 10 Privacy App Blocks Activity and Clipboard Sharing

O&O ShutUp10, one of the leading privacy apps for Windows 10, has just received an update to provide users with more control over clipboard and activity sharing features.

Microsoft has updated Windows 10 with an enhanced clipboard feature that also bundles a history feature and offers synchronization across device, using cloud support for the information to roam from one PC to another.

The purpose of ShutUp10 is to further enhance user privacy by providing adopters of Microsoft’s latest operating system with more controls to configure how Windows 10 collects information and sends it to Microsoft.

Version 1.7 introduces a new category called “Activity History and Clipboard,” which is specifically aimed at the new feature bundled into Windows 10.

More specifically, the application allows users to disabled recordings of user activity and storing it on the device they are working on. Furthermore, users can disable the sending of such information to Microsoft and, additionally, to disable storage of clipboard history and clipboard data transfer to other devices using cloud power.

Additional fixes also included

Worth noting, however, is that some of these features are also available in Windows 10. For example, you can disable the clipboard history and syncing across devices from Settings at the following location:

Windows 10 > Settings > System > Clipboard

This version also introduces a couple of fixes as well, as it polishes the way menus are displayed on devices with touchscreens, while also introducing further tweaks when the high contrast mode is enabled.

O&O ShutUp10 is available in a bunch of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese (simplified). Of course, it supports all Windows 10 versions, including the recently-released November 2019 Update.

You can download O&O ShutUp10 from Softpedia using this link to get the new improvements detailed above.

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