About That Pixel 4a…

Best budget phone for 2020? I think it’ll be the Pixel 4a
With the hole punch screen and a clean minimalist design, it looks so good.
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  1. What phone are you most looking forward to in 2020?? I think the Pixel 4a is going to do VERY well if they keep the price at $400

  2. The blue 4a looks gorgeous

  3. Hey Dave2d please suggest me thin and bezel less rtx gaming laptop in India plz 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. I’m switching to Google Fi. I’m excited to utilize their switching networks and free international data. I have been over paying Verizon for years. I just can’t decide if I should wait for the Pixel 5.

  5. "Don't bump up the price, Google. I'll be so disappointed if you do." – Well, so will us who are waiting for the Pixel 4A. Hopefully the price stays the same.

  6. Which Pokemon game is this at 2:55?

  7. I think im gonna buy 2020 phones rather than 2019 phones.

  8. Really love the design build..so beautiful to the eyes..but hope that Google doesn't mess with the internals and launched it properly this time..just hoping the spec would be like
    – SD 765 for future proof 5G connectivity
    – 6gb of ram minimum
    – 128gb of storage, better got a 256gb storage choices
    – Keep standard Amoled panel(1080p 60hz)well..it is the cheapest choice of panel anyway

  9. PLEASE I need to see if you're really sitting LOL.

  10. Google listen to him, cuz im sayin so…

  11. Please make a video on best laptops of 2019. Kinda like ending of 2019 laptops.

  12. The pixel 4a xl is done

    👆 This was the name of the video previously

  13. Every company make mistakes
    I hope google google realise theirs and comeback with a better product

  14. What this video is about 🙄🙄🙄

  15. But still I am trying to make me understand that he is not standing 🤖🥴🤫😬

  16. So looking forward to this phone! Have been looking forward to this phone since the 3a released actually, because I just knew, the 4a could be more like the phone I would want to own in 2019 / 2020. Perfect replacement for my OG Pixel XL. I just hope they don't price it like bollocks in India and they have a 128/6 GB variant.

  17. Google doing quite opposite on everything. Their flagship scks. Their budget mobile is so gd. Maybe they should have started with budget segment first.

  18. 4:45 Yeah you're right. The hcl team makes the a lineup.

  19. What are those cool light sticks and where can I get them?

  20. Single cam is actually kind of a disappointment for me.

    The main reason I liked the 3a was because it had the exact same camera as the 3. I was kinda hoping they did the same with the 4a.

    I like that it's kept the headphone jack and fingerprint sensor. But I don't really care for the new thinner bezels and hole punch display.

    As an owner of the 3a, there really is no reason for me to make the switch to the 4a so they would have to be targeting new consumers that are looking to get into the stock Android experience.

  21. Battery?? My biggest grouse with the Pixel lineup.

  22. Pixel "a"lineup team needs a fat raise. They're clearly Google's A-team.

  23. he never tells us what to do if we hate it

  24. Comments section is so boring.

  25. as i was about to watch i thought to myself why am i not subscribed at this point XD

  26. Google will do price changes🤣🤣 definitely

  27. "That's the Pixel foray" – Dave2D 2020
    I didn't mis-hear; Dave is that clever!

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