Cybersecurity in 2020: Vigilance and the human element

Another year, another record-breaking 12 months of cyberattacks. According to Norton, 2019 saw more than four billion records breached, impacting organizations of all sizes across all sectors — not to mention consumers. As the number of data breaches continues to grow, so too must the vigilance of all businesses and consumers to fight the ongoing threats.

As we enter 2020, one thing remains certain: cybersecurity, at its core, is inherently connected to the human element. Humans and technology will become even more intertwined as they work to address scams of various forms, as they partner with technology such as AI, and address growing threats from around the world.

To successfully navigate the cybersecurity landscape in 2020 and beyond, individuals within the government as well as corporations must remain vigilant, constantly examining their approach to these threats, to stay one step ahead of those wishing to inflict chaos. Below are a few ways humans and technology will work together in 2020 to combat threats faced in the new year and beyond.

Scammers gonna scam

Scam artists have been around as long as their unsuspecting targets, and even though the technology…

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