Sketchy Rumor Claims iPhone 9 Could Come with Side-Mounted Fingerprint Reader

Apple is projected to take the wraps off the second-generation iPhone SE this spring, and the closer we get to the rumored launch, the more information makes the rounds.

A new report coming from China suggests that iPhone SE 2, which could end up being called iPhone 9, might come with a fingerprint sensor placed on the side.

This is because, the same source adds, Apple wants to go for a full-screen display, but still without Face ID, as the facial recognition system would remain exclusive to the more expensive models.

Furthermore, if there’s any truth behind this report, Apple is also planning 5G for the iPhone 9, a feature that Apple wants to use on all 2020 iPhone models launching in September.

Highly unlikely

There’s a good chance, however, that this report is inaccurate, especially as renders published by @OnLeaks recently confirmed that the iPhone SE 2 would come with a front-facing fingerprint reader embedded into the home button.

iPhone SE 9/iPhone 9 will be based on iPhone 8, so it’ll use the same LCD screen and body, in the end sporting pretty much the same dimensions. Face ID won’t be offered, not only because Apple wants to keep the price as low as possible, but also because the device would use the same approach as on iPhone 8, with a rather large bezel at the top and no notch.

At the same time, 5G support is also very unlikely, as this will remain a feature exclusive to the 2020 iPhone generation due in September. 5G capabilities would only increase the price of iPhone 9, and judging from previous reports, the device is supposed to start at $399.

No specifics are available regarding the launch date of the new iPhone, but expect it to see daylight sometime in the spring.

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