Free iPad Tester Program – This is No Joke, You Get a Free iPad Too!

OK folks, I know you've heard of many free offers online in the past but I found out the free iPad tester program articles I read online were all true! You can actually get a free iPad by becoming a tester and giving your opinion as to how this revolutionary product works. This is totally legitimate and not a scam folks.

The Apple Corporation has been implementing the best marketing program I've ever run across online. By offering individuals a chance to test their latest products for free, Apple gets much needed information on how well the product functions and they also find out quickly if they need to update or make any changes to their new devices. Now I know the iPad has already been released but unfortunately some the stores are sold out and the waiting list is a mile long. The free iPad tester program may be the only way you'll be able to get your own iPad without having to wait for the Apple store to catch up with the huge demand for this great product.

By putting out the word that the Apple Corporation is offering a free iPad tester program they have slowly been soliciting valuable opinions and suggestions of how to improve their product from the very consumers who would be using the new tablet style computer. By offering individuals who are willing to participate in this program first hand use of the new iPad they actually save thousands of dollars on unnecessary advertising.

Here is what you need to do to get involved with the free iPad tester program:

Step 1. First, you'll need to log onto to one of the many sites offering the free iPad offer. Input your details, like your address, zip code and contact information.

Step 2. Secondly, you'll be required to qualify for a few free trial offers or refer some family members or friends who may be interested in getting a free iPad too.

Special note: Have fun with the free trial offers – most of them are pretty interesting and are items or services you are already using. So even though you'll be paying a small amount for these trial offers, you're still getting an excellent deal for an iPad valued at $ 499.

Step 3. Once you follow through on the requirements and you qualify to receive your free iPad, it will be delivered to your home and you'll be able to test and keep the iPad before anyone on your block can find one in the Apple store . Remember the Apple store has been selling out as soon as every shipment arrives in their stores.

Lucas Clark


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