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Do you have free old computers at your home or at office, the ones that you do not need any more? They are uselessly occupying real estate at your home or in your office. It is fine that you do not want to sell them because they might not fetch you a price that you expect. But, why don’t you give them to someone who actually needs them very badly and would bless you for the same? There are many families who badly need PCs but do not have the financial power to purchase them. Why do you not gift the ones that you have to them? As you well know, computers are absolutely essential in today’s world.

They are used by kids for their educational needs and by their parents for their office work. Many mothers are working from home and earning a decent sum of money with the help of an internet connected PC. Whilst an internet connection is not too costly and is affordably by most, there are many who cannot pay the price of a brand new PC. They can change their lifestyle if they manage to get hold of one with a bit of help from persons like you. Search the internet or, check out the classified sections of the papers and you will come across ads published by non profit organizations that are on the lookout for free old computers.

Get in touch with such organizations and check out whether they are genuine or not. Genuine ones should have certificates provided to them by the state government. Once you get in touch with them, enquire whether they will pick up the PCs or whether you have to send it to them. Complete the formalities and send them your old PCs. You can be rest assured that, this small gesture of yours will make quite some people smile.

Nitin Saini

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