How to Get Google Page 1 Organic Ranking

Top SEO rankings on Google follow proven Google optimization techniques. You make money online with winning internet marketing strategies when you combine Google website and keyword optimization with Google search engine website promotion. That is the key to a winning internet marketing strategy and how to get Google page 1 organic ranking.

SEO website optimization combine 2 SEO internet marketing strategies. They include on page, controlled by you, and off page, controlled by others, factors.

On page are your domain name, html construction, title tags and words on your page. Off page are incoming links, anchor text links, authority sites and their page rank.

Here are tips on what you can control:

Keyword rich title tags which are shown in the line at the top of your browser. Your tip is to write it to create curiosity or grab attention which will encourage people to click.

Include your keywords early and often in the content of your pages.

Use actual text links to other pages on your site.

Use actual text as your main communications tool.

Do not build sites entirely with flash because flash sites generally do not get great search engine rankings.

Do not overuse keywords because it may cause penalization.

Use bold and italics selectively because search engines may give more weight to that, if not overused.

Link within your site.

Choose a domain name with one of your keywords in it because a prospect is more likely to click on that keyword.

Use urls without question marks or ampersand signs since search engines are stopped by symbols.

Build larger sites instead of multiple one page sites.

Add new content to your site often.

Here are tips on what you cannot control:

Look at it as a catch 22. As the web continues to grow, the search engines need improved ways to evaluate and rank sites. Their main evaluation tool now is to look at link structure and page rank. Based on these factors, it goes full circle and they reward sites with top rankings.
Search engines decided it was more important to follow what others said about your site, not what you say. Based on their authority, links, and content, they then may be rewarded higher rankings.

Bottom line: keep it simple. Do not get bogged down by trying to manipulate your site to please Google because it does not always work. Simple create great content that people want to link to. Then get that content out there by researching and contacting those that can complement your website.

Kathy Andrews

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