How to Sync Files Across Computers?

Every one of us nowadays send files via the Internet containing data, statistics, analysis, report and many other things. Sending files along with an email after attaching them is the most common way of doing it. But you can send files through emails only up to allotted size of your email account. Another way of sending files is through FTP (file transfer protocol). To send files through FTP, you need to load FTP programs apart from constant uploading and downloading of files. If you find these procedures complicated and time consuming and looking for a convenient way of sending files then you must learn and know about syncing of files between computers.

However, we have explained file syncing in a lucid and illustrative manner, one needs to perform it carefully to prevent loss to the vital software and hardware components of the system. If you are not an advanced PC user then taking help of an expert computer support service is the best way of doing it.

Syncing to a network driver

Syncing to a network driver is a convenient option for those who have various computers over a local area network. You can setup a network drive if you are using a single router for networking to the internet. You also require selecting a hard drive to act as your network drive and map that drive to each computer with which you want to share the files.

For Windows computers, you can use Windows backup to sync folders or the entire hard drive to the network drive. You can find the Windows backup by following the path mentioned below.

Control Panel > System and Security > Back up your computer

Whereas, on the Mac, you need to use the time capsule to sync hard drive images. You can find time capsule in the System Settings.

If you face problems in locating the Windows backup and setting up a network drive then computer support service could become the best way of performing this. Expert technicians could set it up fast and guide you through the entire process.

Syncing to the cloud

Considering the difficulties of Internet users in sending files across, various companies have come forward with modern ways of syncing files to make it easier and convenient. The Drop box or Spider Oak desktop applications are used for convenient file syncing for Mac, Windows and Linux based systems. As compared to emailing and FTP file transfer, these two applications offer convenient and times saving file syncing options.

In network installed with Drop box application, folders are automatically synced to a website interface or any other computer connected to your account. Spider Oak offers advanced file syncing options. It allows you to sync any number of folders and folder structure remains intact during the sync. Due to this feature file will be instantly downloaded to your Linux, Windows systems and even iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

For performing such tasks that are simple yet tricky you need to possess core technical expertise and also require to understand the role and functions of your system component. Computer support professionals are the right people to do it perfectly within the minimum possible time. Irrespective of the computer type, these trained and experienced professionals guide you through the entire process of file syncing.

The computer support technicians representing a professional service provider are usually Microsoft or Apple certified and exercise the best way of performing tasks such as file syncing. Unlike onsite computer support you get specialized technician and that also at a highly subsidized rate with all kind of support whenever you feel difficulty with your system.

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