Microsoft Starts Rolling Out New Modern Icons for Windows 10

Microsoft is now rolling out a new colorful icon pack for Windows 10 users, and according to one report, insiders are the first to get it.

The new icons have been spotted several times before as Microsoft conducted various tests, but what’s worth knowing is that they’re borrowed from Windows 10X and will represent the company’s choice moving forward.

Windows 10X is a new Windows 10 version specifically aimed at dual-screen and foldable devices and will also power Microsoft’s very own Surface Neo. But as compared to Windows 10, the X-branded version comes not only with a significantly-improved UI based on a modern design, but also with a refreshed set of icons that’s now making its way to Windows 10.

More icons likely to come soon

The updated icons show up in the Windows 10 Start menu, the taskbar, and the splash screen, according to AL, and target apps like the Calculator, Alarms, Mail and Calendar, Film And TV, and the voice recorder app.

Without a doubt, Microsoft will also release other icons to complete the entire pack makeover, but for now it appears the whole thing takes place in stages. In other words, while you may not get the refreshed icons right now, the update should land on your device in the coming hours if you’re part of the Windows Insider program.

And of course, the software giant has remained tight-lipped on the actual rollout of the new icons, so we can’t tell for sure when production devices are supposed to get them. The only thing we can do right now is wait for Microsoft to push the go-ahead button for everyone.

The new icons are shipped to Windows 10 devices as part of app updates from the Microsoft Store.

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