Why “iPhone 9” Is a Better Choice than “iPhone SE 2”

Apple is projected to take the wraps off a new more affordable iPhone as soon as March, and while we already know pretty much everything about this device, the name that the company plans to use is still a big mystery.

In the last few months, most people referred to this device as the iPhone SE 2, while others claimed Apple could end up calling it iPhone 9? But which one makes more sense given its features and time of release? I’ll try to find an answer in the next few lines.

But first, let’s see what this new iPhone is all about.

The second-generation iPhone SE will be Apple’s new most affordable iPhone, with a starting price of $399 in the United States. As compared to the previous iPhone SE, however, this new model will feature a larger screen measuring 4.7 inches.

It’ll be based on the iPhone 8, so it’ll use not only a similar screen, but also a design that reminds of this particular model. Face ID won’t make it to this device given Apple’s efforts to keep the price down, so it’ll come with a home button and Touch ID integrated. A single camera will be offered because of the same reason, but more significant upgrades will happen under the hood, with the A13 Bionic chip very likely to be used.

Technically, the second-generation iPhone SE is an upgraded version of the iPhone 8 that features latest-generation hardware, including a newer processor and a better camera.

So why iPhone 9 and not iPhone SE 2?

First of all, the tech specs are the first indication this device should be called iPhone 9. Because it’s essentially an upgraded version of the iPhone 8, featuring the same look and dimensions, launching it as iPhone 9 makes more sense going forward for the entire iPhone lineup.

From a marketing perspective, this is again the better choice, as iPhone 9 is a name that’s more likely to make an impact than iPhone SE 2. It goes without saying that iPhone SE 2 is a complex name that lacks the customer appeal, and while Apple has previously used even more tangled monikers, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max itself, iPhone 9 is a name that just fits this model.

Some are worried that baptizing this device iPhone 9 at a time when the iPhone 11 is already on the market could dramatically impact sales, as customers could just decide to stay away from it simply because it appears to be an old model. And while at some level this is true, Apple’s marketing power will certainly highlight the purpose of the iPhone 9 in a very effective manner, technically resolving these concerns.

And of course, the price of this new model plays a key role, because at $399, the new-generation iPhone SE is very likely to become a very attractive product for all those wanting an iPhone but not willing to spend a fortune on it. At this point, iPhone 8 is available for $449, and it still comes with old hardware, so a refreshed model with latest-generation upgrades would clearly represent an attractive offer.

The purpose of the iPhone 9 isn’t to sell in…


Why “iPhone 9” Is a Better Choice than “iPhone SE 2” 1
Why “iPhone 9” Is a Better Choice than “iPhone SE 2” 2
Why “iPhone 9” Is a Better Choice than “iPhone SE 2” 3
Why “iPhone 9” Is a Better Choice than “iPhone SE 2” 4
Why “iPhone 9” Is a Better Choice than “iPhone SE 2” 5

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