Why the iPad Will Turn This Economy Around

By now we should all be familiar with the new ingenious device that Apple came out with, the iPad. If you have not used this device yet, you should really go and get your hands on one, even if it’s to test it out. This new craze of technology is not only going to help out business owners, it’s going to help out each individual customer and could potentially turn this economy around.

In a time where money is hard to come by for many people due to loss of jobs, not enough business, and so on, who do we look to in order to help us out? You’ve guessed right, technology. Technology is forever evolving and at such a rapid pace that by the time you finish reading this article there may even be a newer version of the iPad out on the market.

So how will the iPad itself turn this economy around? It’s pretty simple when you actually break it down. Everything works in a ripple effect. The iPad is the new “hot thing”. It’s comparable to how huge the television was in the 40’s. We will forever remember 2010 as being “the year the iPad came out.” Since a product as successful as this has come out with sales estimating to be in the 1mill buyers in under a year, you better believe more jobs are being filled. People are needed to produce this product, as well as tech support that will need to accompany it, as well as sales people to sell it, as well as drivers to deliver it, iPad app developers, and so on. You get the point, for more see Adams iPad blog. The money that is made from all of these workers will then be pumped back out into our economy.

It was a brilliant strategy on Apple’s part when they made this product affordable to everyone. With the economy the way it is, people are struggling to pay rent, buy food, make car payments and so on. Apple is catering to those people by providing a product that most can afford. Naturally, because of the ripple effect, the number of companies and individuals having to go through debt settlement will severely decrease due to people having more money in their pockets.

Companies can expand their remote sales force capabilities with custom iPad applications that cater to their business segment. Those developers create jobs for the sales guys who get more products sold and the ripple continues. And not to mention the thousands of other jobs that will be created from the competitors, such as Google and Dell, who will fire back with their take on the iPad.

I compiled a list as to how I think this ripple effect will trickle down and turn the economy around.

1. People that make the iPad

2. People that sell the iPad

3. People that deliver the iPad

4. People that provide tech support for the iPad

5. People that buy the iPad

6. People that save money from buying iPad, opposed to normal laptop

7. People that use the money they saved from buying iPad to purchase other products and services

8. People that are needed to provide these other products and services

9. Money that is made from providing all these products and services.

10. Money that is made is pumped back into economy

As you can see, this ripple effect will not only benefit the buyer and seller, it will also benefit everyone else in our society. So with the cost of the iPad being even more affordable than a regular laptop, people will then have extra money to spend on things such as food, clothes, entertainment and etc. And with the capabilities that this 1.5 pound.5 inch device has to offer, why wouldn’t you snag one off the shelf? Plus, don’t you want to be a part of the contributing factor that will help swing this economy back into shape? I know I sure do.

Roger Williams Jr

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