Digi’s Omni Hotline Announces Availability of 06 & 09 Malaysian Landline Prefixes


Digi’s remote business phone system, Omni Hotline announced the availability of the new 06 and 09 Malaysian landline number prefixes. Businesses signing up for Omni Hotline can now choose from a new range of landline numbers on top of the existing list of prefixes available, namely the 03, 04, 05, 07, 082, 085 or 088.

With the latest addition of the 06 and 09 landline number prefixes, Omni Hotline customers now have the option to choose from any of the available landline numbers in every state of Malaysia.

The addition of the new 06 and 09 landline prefixes provides users the flexibility to expand their business within a certain state in Malaysia with ease as they can skip the hassle of travelling to a particular state to apply for the  state’s prefix.

Choosing a local prefix provides customers greater trust towards the business – those who live in the same area as the businesses’ phone number will have a sense of connection with the business. Additionally, if the business has multiple offices in different states, Omni Hotline can assist in combining all the numbers from different offices into one for better account management.

Omni Hotline was first introduced to ease companies into digitalisation and assist companies in streamlining their operations, be it for front facing the customer or organising calls on their back end.

The prefix number addition is another step towards Digi’s effort to empower more SMEs throughout Malaysia rather than just focusing on the major cities. This is in line with Digi’s commitment towards guiding and partnering with SME owners and businesses on their digital transformation journey.

For more information on these new prefixes, please visit https://omnihotline.my/.

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