Managed Service Provider? Watch This Video to Learn about Autonomous XDR

As managed security service providers, you’re always on the lookout for new platforms. One that can generate further business, enables you to scale easily without investing in more human resources and provides that value immediately.

In the meanwhile, your clients are constantly demanding more security for a lesser cost.

Cynet recently published an 8-min video detailing their platform, the Cynet 360 Autonomous XDR Platform. In their video, Cynet specifically focuses on managed service partners, showing the security and business benefits that the platform provides.

The video shows the “partner view” of the system and demonstrates how the platform is used to manage multiple clients.

Learn more about the Cynet 360 platform for Managed Service Providers here.

Cynet 360 natively combines several security components to reduce your operational costs. First, an XDR – Extended Detection and Response, which is a consolidated pre-integrated platform of multiple security solutions. As such, Cynet has built-in four different alert types – files, users, hosts, and network.

Second, Response Automation, where your clients’ protection…

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