Rising Demand for DDoS Protection Software Market By 2020-2028

Rising Demand for DDoS Protection Software Market By 2020-2028 1

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious form of attack that disrupts the regular network traffic by overwhelming the website with more traffic than the server can handle. The main aim of this kind of cyberattack is to render the website inoperable.

Over recent years, these kinds of attacks are increasing, fueling the demand for the best DDoS protection software solutions. Many unplanned data center outages are owing to DDoS attacks. The threat of DDoS is due to access to easy-to-use tools and the profit potential through extortion.

The attacks target businesses directly, leading to substantial financial and personal losses, making it critical to have robust DDoS protection software solutions in place.

According to the report of Market Research Inc, the DDoS protection Software Market is predicted to reach +14% CAGR by 2020 – 2028.

Important Statistics to illustrate the growing demand for DDoS Software Solutions

Demand for the DDoS software market is on the rise due to the exponential increase in multi-vector DDoS attacks and the ease with which DDoS-for-hire services are available today.

These statistics show continuous growth in the deadly DDoS attacks…


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