How Cyrebro Can Unify Multiple Cybersecurity Defenses to Optimize Protection

Many enterprises rely on more than one security tool to protect their technology assets, devices, and networks. This is particularly true for organizations that use hybrid systems or a combination of cloud and local applications. Likewise, companies whose networks include a multitude of smartphones and IoT devices are likely to deploy multiple security solutions suitable for different scenarios.

Employing several security solutions tends to be inevitable for many, especially those that have outgrown their previous network setups. Companies that expand to new branches and even overseas operations have to make use of additional security measures and tools. This use of multiple tools or software often leads to critical issues, though.

The management of the many cybersecurity solutions can become too complicated and difficult to handle, especially for organizations with little experience in addressing cyber threats, let alone actual attacks. This can result in confusion and the inability to detect vulnerabilities and respond to emerging problems properly.

The solutions

One solution to the dilemma of using different security defenses is to look for one company that provides…

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