A Visual Take on Email Authentication and Security

Email Authentication and Security

There is a saying that goes something like, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Yet, we all know we can not help but do just that – especially when it comes to online security.

Logos play a significant role in whether or not we open an email and how we assess the importance of each message. Brand Indicators for Message Identification, or BIMI, aims to make it easier for us to quickly identify important information within emails using branding guidelines and visual cues found in logos.

In recent years, users are often unsure about the authenticity of emails, and this has become a major issue for businesses fighting spam. BIMI gives email users access to information about a brand’s identity. A company has complete control and freedom over what logo to attach to authenticated emails. Overall, BIMI acts as an additional layer of security to the existing email authentication process.

What is BIMI, and how does it strengthen the security of your emails?

BIMI is a standard that allows organizations to display their unique brand logos alongside DMARC-compliant emails by changing certain DNS records. BIMI centralizes logo display by allowing domain owners to use a single,…


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