Iranian Hackers Target Several Israeli Organizations With Supply-Chain Attacks

Iranian Hackers

IT and communication companies in Israel were at the center of a supply chain attack campaign spearheaded by an Iranian threat actor that involved impersonating the firms and their HR personnel to target victims with fake job offers in an attempt to penetrate their computers and gain access to the company’s clients.

The attacks, which occurred in two waves in May and July 2021, have been linked to a hacker group called Siamesekitten (aka Lyceum or Hexane) that has primarily singled out oil, gas, and telecom providers in the Middle East and in Africa at least since 2018, researchers from ClearSky said in a report published Tuesday.

Stack Overflow Teams

Infections undertaken by the adversary commenced with identifying potential victims, who were then enticed with “alluring” job offers in well-known companies like ChipPc and Software AG by posing as human resources department employees from the impersonated firms, only to lead the victims to a phishing website containing weaponized files that unload a backdoor known as Milan to establish connections with a remote server and download a second-stage remote access trojan named DanBot.

ClearSky theorized that the attacks’ focus on IT and communication…

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