Moto 360 Sport smartwatch review

Motorola’s latest Android Wear watch is its first focused on fitness, though in practice it’s really only good for running.


The Moto 360 Sport is, at it’s core, a second-generation Moto 360, but with a few alterations. It’s got a body wrapped in a silicone strap, a GPS chip stuffed inside for smartphone-free exercising, and a new display that promises easy visibility in the sun. But while Motorola slapped the name “sport” on this watch, it’s really more a running watch than anything. Mediocre battery life and a design that screams fitness band compromise the Moto 360 Sport’s potential.

The Good
– Reflective display performs great in the sun
– Silicone body and strap built for fitness
– Integrated GPS for phone-free run tracking

The Bad
– Battery struggles to get through a day
– Fitness features underdeveloped
– Silicone picks up every piece of lint and hair
– Ambient display has no backlighting

Review Summary:
If you want a an Android Wear smartwatch with slightly-better-than-average fitness capabilities that might improve with future updates (though there’s no promise of that), then consider the Moto 360 Sport. But if you want anything more than rudimentary run-tracking support, your best bet right now is to stick with a dedicated fitness tracker. The Moto 360 Sport has trouble living up to its name and the potential of its hardware and software guts, and that makes it difficult to give a full-throated recommendation.

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