honor Malaysia Appoints Zizan Razak as the Official Ambassador for honor 8X

honor Malaysia, the leading smartphone e-brand, has announced that famous Malaysian comedian, television host, actor and singer, Zizan Razak, as the official ambassador for its latest smartphone model, the honor 8X, which is launching soon on the 9th of October 2018.

“I am extremely “honored” to be the Malaysian ambassador for the honor 8X,” said the famous television personality.

“The honor 8X has a very interesting and bold tagline, called “Beyond Limits”. For everyone who has followed my career knows that I am always challenging the boundaries of being just an entertainer or just an artist on TV. The tagline has reminded me of how far I have come, and I am proud to start a movement in Malaysia for everyone to go beyond their limits and challenge the status quo.”

Fans can watch Zizan “live” at the launch of the honor 8X on honor Malaysia’s official Facebook page on 9 October.

For more information on Zizan’s ambassador role with honor Malaysia, please visit honor’s official e-commerce website and information portal at http://hihonor.com/my, honor Malaysia’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HonorMY/, or drop by their official shop on Shopee at https://shopee.com.my/honormy.officialstore for more exciting updates.

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