One City Dev wants explanation over its alleged role in Seafield Temple fracas

One City Development Sdn Bhd is seeking an explanation from the police after its deputy inspector general had implied that the developer was involved in the Seafield Temple fracas.

The developer said this in a statement today after Deputy Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim theorised a probable scenario how the scuffle could have broken out.

The statement said that an online portal had quoted him saying that “perhaps the side wanting to take over (the land) engaged a group of Malay men to facilitate the acquisition. It is possible that they are gangsters and, of course, the Indian group attempted to check the intrusion.”

One City also said that it was surprised by the reports where the allusion was made and wanted to see clarification of the remarks as it had always followed the rule of law and due process.

“This is evident in both the lengthy court cases we have gone through and discussions with the relevant stakeholders.”

“Our compensation of land for a new site for the temple and its devotees and RM1.5 million, as well as our willingness to delay the relocation of the temple to accommodate the relevant rituals tied to the relocation, is further evidence of our commitment to a peaceful resolution to this matter.

“We abhor the violence which took place this morning and would never even think of being involved in such acts,” said the developer.

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