[VIDEO] Mobile Banking App Security: Maybank, CIMB vs Standard Chartered

This is a simple video about the mobile banking app security in Malaysia versus the one from Standard Chartered (United Kingdom).

Below is a video of taken using a screen recorder mobile app. Screen Recorder is a tool that enables you to capture any area of your screen either as a screenshot or a video file. Hackers could also use this to steal login credentials on your smartphones and PCs.

A secure and well developed mobile banking app would block all attempts to screen capture (screenshot) any details on its app.

The video below shows how I was able to capture/screenshot every details within the Maybank and CIMB Clicks mobile apps, including the password.

Attempts to capture/screenshot any details from the Standard Chartered mobile banking app failed. All you see in the video is a blank screen because the Screen Recorder app was not able to capture any details on the Standard Chartered app (the app was working as normal while recording the video).


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