Samsung is preparing 8-inch Galaxy Fold with S Pen: Report


Samsung is already preparing the second generation version of its Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone despite the first version still not being available to consumers, according a The Elec report.

The second generation Galaxy Fold will reportedly use the same in-folding technology as its predecessor, and will feature an 8-inch display and S Pen. Samsung has already requested its S Pen-making partner to make components for an S Pen that would fit inside the second Galaxy Fold, according to the South Korean tech news outlet.

Suppliers for the Galaxy Fold have also been given a ‘stand by’ order from Samsung, which means they can start production and supply right away after a launch date is set, with production expected to begin around August.    

The report also added that the second generation Galaxy Fold will be unveiled in December at the earliest, with a commercial launch planned for sometime next year.

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