Android 10 Possibly Coming to Samsung Galaxy S8 As Well

Samsung is currently beta-testing the Android 10 update for some of its latest devices, including here the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10, but by the looks of things, the South Korean firm might be working on a pretty big surprise.

It’s worth saying from the very beginning that this is just a rumor and you should take it with a healthy dose of skepticism, but it appears that Samsung could launch Android 10 for Galaxy S8 as well.

Or at least, this is what Samsung’s customer care staff told a Galaxy S8 owner according to a report from German site WindowsUnited.

There are two reasons why it’s hard to believe the Galaxy S8 would eventually get Android 10.

Why Android 10 on Galaxy S8 is highly unlikely

First and foremost, the information comes from a support engineer, and these employees don’t typically have access to information that isn’t already available to the public. In other words, if rolling out Android 10 for Galaxy S8 is something that Samsung is working on, there’s a bigger chance we hear about it from someone familiar with the matter first rather than from support staff.

And second of all, rolling out Android 10 for the Galaxy S8 means Samsung would no longer stick with its current approach of shipping two major Android updates to its devices.

At this point, phones like the Galaxy S series receive two different major Android updates, after which the focus is entirely moved to new devices. If Galaxy S8 indeed receives Android 10, this becomes the third major upgrade it gets, and there’s no doubt that such an approach generates new expectations for even more models in Samsung’s lineup.

For the time being, Samsung has remained completely tight-lipped on this report, and I expect the company to stay like this in the coming months. The only official thing right now is that the S8 won’t get Android 10.

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